KN2 Recuperação de Crédito

KN2 Recuperação de Crédito provides credit recovery services for credit card reconciliation.

This project was developed as a freelancer through Evoluum.

How do you quickly identify errors between two or more financial statements and correct or export a report?

The client

KN2 Recuperação de Crédito

The problem

I created a system that allows KN2 administrators to register the necessary guidelines for examining and balancing bank records. The KN2 operators send the bank statement and credit card statements, then the system executes the rules.

The rules indicate the amounts found on both statements during file transfer. If needed, the system operator can manually match statements. This ensures any unmatchable amounts are exported on a report. KN2 Recuperação can assist clients in taking legal action to recover unreceived amounts.


UX Designer


May 2021 - Aug 2021


  • Create Design System

  • Map users flow

  • Prototype the interface