Hi, I'm Rafael Gomes, a UX Designer with over 9 years of experience in the field of web design. With a strong background in Graphic Design, I bring a unique blend of creativity and technical expertise to my work.

Throughout my career, I have worked on diverse projects ranging from websites to mobile applications, collaborating with cross-functional teams to create user-centered designs that meet both business goals and user needs.

I am passionate about creating intuitive and visually appealing user experiences. My approach to design incorporates elements of user research, information architecture, interaction design, and visual design to deliver seamless and enjoyable experiences.

a man with a beard and glasses
a man with a beard and glasses

About me


UX Design - Design Circuit 2.0
Nov 2021- Nov 2022

Design Circuit is a school that offers UX Design training with over 90 hours of class time and over 400 hours of recorded mentorship sessions. The course content includes:

  • The basics and theory of UX;

  • Starting a project;

  • UX Research: research methods;

  • Generating insights;

  • Defining and prioritizing;

  • Concept & UI Design;

  • Product testing;

  • Delivering for development.

B. Tech, Graphic Design - Faculdade Senac
Jan 2011 - Aug 2013

I hold a Bachelor of Technology degree in Graphic Design, which has equipped me with a solid foundation in design principles and visual communication. This educational background has greatly enhanced my ability to craft thoughtful and aesthetically pleasing designs that effectively communicate clients' brand identities and messages.

Work experience

Epharma PBM (& All Easy)
Oct 2021 - Present

All Easy is an IT consulting company that outsources technology professionals to several companies, through them I work at Epharma. Epharma is the first PBM of Brazil. I’m responsible for designing a feature in one of their products (Portal Com Você), which allows industries and pharmacies to manage their supply chain.

Trinus Co.
Oct 2020 - Oct 2021

Trinus is a group of companies that operates on four fronts focused on the real estate business: Technology, Investment, Engineering, and Legal.

I designed products across websites and desktop channels, planning the user experience from the ground up. That means conducting research to align the business needs and design scope, sketching initial concepts, drawing wireframes, creating prototypes, designing the visuals of the UI, user testing, and working with developers to make the design a reality.

V. Santana Agência Web
Aug 2013 - Oct 2020

As a principal designer, I used to:

  • Design the user interface for websites and mobile apps;

  • Development of websites with HTML & CSS;

  • Development of websites with WordPress;

  • Branding creation;